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Mackerel Crisps

Mackerel Crisps

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MACKEREL CRISPS are a great small oily fish that can boost your daily meals! 


Omega 3's are lacking in diets, by adding this you are supplementing something that will play an essential role in your furbabies' meals.


-No preservatives

- No colorings

- No flavorings

- No additives

All-natural, single ingredient treat!


70 grams per pack 



- Keep in an airtight container 

- Keep it away from direct sunlight 

- Keep at room temperature or colder

**We advise keeping fatty treats and chews in the refrigerator to make their shelf life longer. 


** This treat will be whole due to the size of the catch. 



For longer shelf-life, keep them in the chiller once inspected after receiving your goodies.

Keep away from sunlight and in an air tight container.

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Locally Sourced

Support local!

We use ingredients from small farmers from nearby provinces to help support them and their local communities.

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