About us

We started in the year 2017..

We were originally named "Dogapetreat"

As a pet owner, we were always on a look out for readily available, healthy and affordable treats in the market to feed our pets. This was a challenge for me.

This is why I ended up trying to make some fori myself and tested it out immediately with my furry family members; It was a success!


I always wanted to give our dogs the best quality food that I can. So I thought why not share it to the public! Hence, bonapetreat!


I reached out to my family members, college friends and some instagram accounts for them to try my products. I honestly don't know if this will be a hit with their babies.


Weeks have past and I started to gained a a followings, new customers and some repeat customers as well! ( this made me feel so happy!)


I started doing bazaars when my school schedule permit it. ( although there were a point I had to juggle classes, and different bazaar locations all in one day!)


Meeting a lot of dogs, spoiling dogs with treats, petting them and talking to their owners was my favourite thing to do during events.


As Bonapetreat started to take off, I wanted to make new products that were unique and weird! Releasing a line that includes rabbit ears ,foot, skin, goat and so much more. This scared most because of how different it was, However, as hard headed as I am, I stood my ground. I tried to let them know the benefits of each products.


( This started to be accepted and finally became a crowd favourite)


Research and development-

As the years passed, I wanted to expand bonapetreat and our line of products, Diving more to raw feeding, toppers, broths, even taking the leap and formulating new treats, boosters and some products that are coming out soon- I couldn't have done this without all of YOU!

As we expand, I make sure to know a lot about nutrition and how it really affects our babies' health so I dug deeper; studied courses,currently getting my Canine certification in a credible school and planning on taking more.

I aim to help and educate pawrents on what we should feed our furbabies- after all, it's our MAIN PRIORITY.

All those sleepless night, sweat, tears, so many changes in packaging (haha!) and hard work have paid off! Sharing our Journey with you from how we started is our THANK YOU letter to those who have supported bonapetreat as well as those who continue to support us until this very day.