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Green Power House Booster

Green Power House Booster

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An awesome way to give your pupperos something green!

This booster is filled with different types of supplements. Each of the ingredients found here are chosen to give our pups the powehouse that they need in their everyday routines.

You dont need to separarately prepare every ingredient on your pet's meals . You may add this directly to your meals! 


Ingredients :

Alfalfa , wheatgrass , kelp, flax seeds, parsley , dandelion leaf, slippery elm bark, fennel seeds


Slippery elm coats and lubricates the stomach lining, source of vitamins A, E, C, K and B-complex, fiber, bioflavanoids, calcium, sodium, magnesium not to mention it is a prebiotic and helps the gut promoting a balanced flora. 

Alfalfa are abudnant in vitamins and minerals 

Kelp provides the trace minerals that our body do not supply; iodine 

Wheatgrass  contains fiber, enzymes and chlorophyll 

Parsley contains up to 22 percent protein and abundance of vitamins A, C,B1,B2 and k not to mention iron , magnesium and so much more! 

Dandelion leaf are nutritive and diuretic. It is "the most complete plat food on earth". They are rich in pottassium, vitamins and minerals!

Fennel seeds are high in vitamins and minerals, it also contains linoleic acid. 



You may incorporate this on your everyday meals! 

NO preservatives

NO fillers

NO additives

Just the good stuff! 



- Keep in an airtight container

- Keep it away from direct sunlight

- Keep at room temperature or colder


Serving: 1/4 tsp/ 15mg of 5kg body weight 



Booster/ topper are not treated as a medicine or to cure and type of diseases. 



For longer shelf-life, keep them in the chiller once inspected after receiving your goodies.

Keep away from sunlight and in an air tight container.

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Locally Sourced

Support local!

We use ingredients from small farmers from nearby provinces to help support them and their local communities.

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