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Grab and go! Say no more to cutting up your large hard treats this is a hassle-free treat!

Our Buffalo bites are perfect for pups' who are allergic to the normal proteins available in the market.


  • Small bites: Great for PUZZLES, smell exercises, mats, toys and etc.
  • 100% Buffalo: Waterbuffalo meat, liver , heart and blueberries.
  • Shelf- Stable


By Air drying them, it is free from: 

- Preservatives

- Colorings

- Flavorings

- Additives

- Chemicals

All natural, single ingredient treat!


Weight: 60 grams per pack 



- Keep in an airtight container 

- Keep it away from direct sunlight 

- Keep at room temperature or colder


**We advice to keep fatty treats and chews in the refrigerator to make their shelf life longer. 



Single Ingredient


3 pieces - 6 inches


For longer shelf-life, keep them in the chiller once inspected after receiving your goodies.

Keep away from sunlight and in an air tight container .

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Locally Sourced

Support local!

We use ingredients from small farmers from nearby provinces to help support them and their local communities.