Jean Dodds, DVM and Diana R. Laverdure

Nutrigenomics is quite new to me, but it helps me understand and know better on what food to give and choose, reasons behind diseases and so much more!

This is the "new science" of feeding.


Upon reading, here are the information I found very interesting and took into heart with regards to how I need to take nutrition very seriously.


What is a genome?

Genomes are collection of genes in our body, and every genome contains 2 set of genes that are inherited from each parents.

  • Genes are made of DNA.

  • There are genes that can be active ( they can produce proteins) and suppressed

  • The protein is gene expression - it determines the look, growth and how cells act, identity as well as function of the cells.

  • DNA cannot be altered in anyway, this is a genetic code that remains throughout your life.


The difference?

Genes are the same but have a small number a different that this is our Genotype - this give us our unique characteristics.

  • Epigenome is a second layer of chemical compounds that surrounds our DNA. Unlike our DNA which is inherited from our parents, the chemical tags that makes up a epigenome serves as a "instruction manual " for our genes.

This is the environmental sources that we encounter, may it be medicines, diet and etc.

If a chemical tag is unhealthy, it may send unhealthy messages to the genome and results o undesirable modifications

this means that if your lifestyle, like your nutrition is not good, it will send unhealthy messages. Take note that this does not happen quickly, it will take years for problem to be seen.

So Diet and proper nutrition is a must to our furmily. Always check the labels, and know what your are feeding .We will be sharing some functional and non functional food next.

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