By Fitz AKA buster's mom

I’ve had dogs growing up and my family fed them either just kibble or our leftovers. Most of them aged up to 14 years only so when I got Buster, I did a lot of research that can prolong his life and was so inspired from raw feeders and all-natural treats shops like Bonapetreat. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can fully switch Buster to raw yet because I don’t know where to source everything, but I learned from nutritionists and holistic veterinarians some ways to enhance our dog’s kibble so that’s what I do instead!


10 foods I add to Enhance Buster’s kibble meal

Disclaimer: I’m not a nutritionist or a pro! I learned this from various sources, mostly from certified nutritionists and veterinarians I follow online. Make sure to consult with your veterinarian, especially if your dog has a condition, before adding these foods into your dog’s meals.

  1. Vegetables

Vegetables have a wide range of nutrients and benefits for our dogs. It’s a good source of fiber. We usually add spinach, kale, broccoli, green beans, squash, pumpkin, carrots, and zucchini. I cook everything and freeze them.


Avoid: onions, scallion


2. Fresh/raw bones or meat

Raw meaty bones such as duck head, feet, neck, rabbit legs, etc. will keep your dog’s teeth clean through chewing. I haven’t given Buster raw meaty bones since I’m unsure if he’ll like them or not so I give him air-dried ones from Bonapetreat instead. You can also source raw meaty bones from them if you’re from Metro Manila.

3. Food toppers/supplements

Our ultimate favorite is Bovine Magic Boost, a 100g jar goes a long way. It consists of dehydrated beef innards so if your dog dislikes raw innards, you can supplement this to your pet’s meal.

4. Bone broth

Another one of our favorite additions to Buster’s kibble meal. Bone broth promotes joint and gut health, increases your pet’s hydration, and better skin and coat. I would defrost a pack from Bonapetreat and place them in molds for easy serving. You can add it to the bowl frozen or heat it in the microwave then pour it on the kibble to hydrate it. Bonapetreat also has freeze-dried bone broth which is very convenient. I highly recommend it if you have limited freezer space and if you always travel with your dog.


5. Probiotics

I incorporate probiotics into Buster’s meal 2x a week. Goat milk, kefir, and plain greek yogurt are good sources of probiotics but if you don’t have access to these you can purchase a probiotic supplement from your veterinarian or nutritionist. Probiotics aid with digestion, increase nutrient absorption, and enhance the immune system.

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